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Make the Transformed

Make the Transformed

Make the Transformed Make the Transformed Make the Transformed


"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet..."

make the change and grow your health



An adventure, an exciting journey...



2 Symbolises:

Connection, Partnership, Support, 

Someone to travel with... 



2 Change means to do things differently  That inevitably brings challenges, but also growth and excitement.


Complimentary 1 Hour Session

Book an introductory course for you and a group of family or friends to try before you buy.  If you're curious about the Quest and the method we offer to support vitality and health, host a session and learn how you can create authentic and lasting change, that benefits not only yourself but the environment too!

THE QUEST - A 13 week course of transformation


Indigenous wisdom from around the globe, such as the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air have inspired the material for the foundation of this Nature based health and wellness course.  

Explore the four directions; body/actions, mind/thinking, emotions/feelings, energy/beliefs and how they all interact to create the reality you experience daily.


Modern science and technology now confirms aspects of teachings handed down through the ages.  Blending the past with the present helps us to create a more balanced perspective for living a healthier, happier life.

Take the Quest 2 Change... whatever aspect of your life needs attention; health, weight, relationships, work, money, home-life.  

It's your journey, your personal quest; set your intentions, learn the tools and watch the changes unfold. 


Open a doorway into a new, more empowered future, full of choices and possibilities.  

 The Quest helps us to restore internal and external balance, returning vitality and wellness to people; the effects ripple outwards as we learn to care for not only our bodies and homes but also our greater environment, as an extension of ourselves.

 Transform your life.  Live your dreams.

This course is a Q-2-C your life from a fresh perspective

Quest 2 change your weight, make a journey from the inside-out; 


 Whether you'd like to let go of a few kilos, manage your stress naturally and effectively or get support with dietary changes and challenges because of allergies or intolerances, our nature based system will bring effective help your way.  



Quest from the inside-out, the better you understand yourself, the more relationships improve.  We are in relationship with everything.  This course inspires us to explore not only our relationships with other people, but with our own body, food, money and the environment.



Everything is connected through the Q2C lens, the environment inside of you is reflected in the environment outside of you.  Caring for yourself properly, cares for our environment, we all win!

3 Options to Learn

1-2-1 Wellness Guidance


My place or yours, whatever you find most convenient.  Best time economy.  Email and phone support along with the personalised in-depth coaching.

Host a Group @ Home


Create your own group of friends or family and host at your place. Quest 2 Learn new wellness skills together. Host Quests for free.

Community Group Quest


Join a seasonal community group Quest of up to 8 people making their journey of wellness together.  Benefits of learning from others experiences, with all the support of a group journey.


Start Anytime

1-2-1 Wellness Guidance

Price and Location

North Loburn or @ Your Place at a time of your choosing

Event Details

Start Anytime

1-2-1 Wellness Guidance

Meet weekly or fornightly, for a 1 hour session.  A Quest journey takes 13 weeks.

Price and Location

North Loburn or @ Your Place at a time of your choosing

Start Anytime

Host @ Your House

Price and Location

Weekday evenings from 7pm.

Event Details

Start Anytime

Host @ Your House

A weekly fun social with your nearest and dearest whilst learning something useful and fun together.

Price and Location

Weekday evenings from 7pm.

Week beginning 26/4/2020

Autumn Community Group Journey

Price and Location

North Loburn Community Hall, Rangiora, $414 (inc GST) p/p for 13 week adventure Quest

Event Details

Week beginning 26/4/2020

Autumn Community Group Journey

The days are drawing in, but still a good time to review those habits and learn to nurture yourself to prepare for the Winter ahead.  The fi...

Event Details

Price and Location

North Loburn Community Hall, Rangiora, $414 (inc GST) p/p for 13 week adventure Quest

ABOUT YOUR Quest guides

Kerry & Mike Edmunds

The Quest has been 'gestating' for many years as lots of pieces of a puzzle - and through that time we have been gradually gathering the pieces and organising them until finally we could see the big picture! 

Living the Quest has for us resulted in many mini-achievements, inside and out.

On the outside Mike and myself both dropped 20+ kilos of unwanted weight (previously termed middle age spread!) that we thought would always be 'there'.  5 years later, the weight has never returned for either of us and is no longer something we give a second thought to; our connection with our bodies and what they really need, is stronger and no longer the confusing mystery it once was.

On the inside, we still make our own personal journeys, every day, but feel better equipped, far more resourceful and better able to deal with life's daily challenges, big and small.

We are excited to share the teachings and inspiration of the Quest with you and hope with all our hearts that you too will benefit and find strength and inner resources from the course.  

Let's build a community of Questers together and be that change we all want to see in the world!


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 We love our customers, so feel free to write or call with your enquiries about The Quest - 2 create the Change you'd like to see in your own life!  We endeavour to answer all emails within 48 hours, please call or text if you don't hear from us. 

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